In order to be able to pay out your refunds faster, we have decided to move resources from answering updates on refund requests over the phone to preparing and paying out refunds to customers.
Therefore, you will not be able to speak to an agent to inquire about a refund in progress. 

However, you can always check the status of your refund by looking into "My Bookings". Follow these steps to log in: 

  1. Go to the site you booked on.
  2. Click “My Bookings” in the top right corner.
  3. Log in with Facebook or Google if you used the email linked to those accounts to make the booking. If not, enter your order number and the email you used when booking.
  4. When logged in you will see your bookings and refund status. Remember to click on “Your refund case info” to expand and see all the information. 

We are continually applying pressure on our airline partners to get your refund as quickly as possible, and we have implemented automation to increase the refund pace.