To make air travel safer, airlines and airports have instituted new health and safety protocols, such as face masks and temperature checks, and Korean Air is no different. The first link has information about the new protocols, as well as about refunds, rebookings, and the status of your flight. In addition to that there is a section on frequently asked questions related to COVID-19, and one detailing the current entry restrictions for countries where Korean Air operates.

Flight information and guidelines for ticket changes and safe travel from Korean Air 

The link below has all the information you need about changing your ticket, the status of your flight, and the health measures now in place to guarantee safe travel.

Click here for flight information, ticket rules and safety protocols from Korean Air

Frequently asked questions 

This section has questions and answers about many types of customer support issues such as rebookings, refunds and cancellations, but also about health concerns like whether it’s safe to fly with a cold or not and what applies to boarding your flight if you don’t feel well.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Korean Air

Information about entry and travel restrictions from Korean Air

Here you can find the latest details for travel into the countries where Korean Air is active. Read through the list before your trip to avoid surprises.

Entry restrictions and requirements for a number of countries and regions